Caribbean Plastic Surgery Information – Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the frequently asked questions at our Caribbean plastic surgery clinic at Trinidad Institute of Plastic Surgery. Most can be answered by referring to the plastic surgery information on this website.

  1. I am looking for plastic surgery information about XYZ ? Refer to XYZ on our Caribbean plastic surgery website, search for plastic surgery information using the search function on the website, post your question to the forum, read about recovery from surgery, learn how to prepare for your procedure
  2. How much does XYZ cost / I just want to know what XYZ costs / What does plastic surgery cost ? Please refer to the cosmetic surgery price list; otherwise, a personal consultation is needed, see here. Aside from those two, neither our administrative staff nor surgeons or anesthesiologists can or will provide any cost estimates without a consultation with one of our surgeons (see below).
  3. Who are the surgeons  ? See here.
  4. What is a board certified plastic surgeon ? Completed training in plastic surgery (not dentistry or general surgery or some other specialty) in a recognized training program, passed the exam by a respected recognized specialty board (Europe, USA, Canada) and holds a board certificate / certificate of completion of specialty training in plastic surgery (it is not sufficient to be fellow of the XYZ college of ABC, member of the society / association of such and such etc.).
  5. Who does plastic, aesthetic and cosmetic surgery procedures ? Only board certified plastic surgeons.
  6. Where do you perform your procedures ? We operate at Westshore Medical Center in Port-of-Spain.
  7. Do you accept insurances ? We do not deal with insurances directly. All cosmetic procedures are excluded by all known insurance carriers. Reconstructive procedures (hand surgery, burn surgery, craniofacial surgery, peripheral nerve surgery, breast reconstruction) are often covered by your insurance plan.
  8. Where are you located ? We have clinics in Port-of-Spain at Westshore Medical Center.
  9. How do I make an appointment ? Exclusively through the patient coordinator at our main office. Appointments cannot be made and will not be honored by any other ways and means. We strictly and without exception see patients by appointment only. We do not accept any walk-ins.
  10. How can I talk to a surgeon to get more plastic surgery information about XYZ ? By making an appointment for personal consultation, skype or phone consultation or our closed, private teleconference system with our patient coordinator at our main office. A consultation fee applies independent of modality.

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